Rainie Collins

Sales Agent

Aeris House

Making Home Buying Dreams Come True

About Rainie Collins

Becoming a Realtor when I grew up was not my childhood dream. I wanted to become a teacher. That goal changed from teacher to nurse, then therapist, and while ‘Realtor’ may appear to be a complete departure from those other careers, they’re more alike than they seem. Real Estate allows me to teach my clients about the home buying process, to share what I know about staging a home, and the best pricing strategy for a quick and successful sale. Like a nurse who monitors a patient’s physical status, I use my knowledge as an agent and attention to detail to monitor the progress of the Real Estate transaction. Making sure that all documents and tasks are completed in an accurate and timely manner. When clients become stressed or overwhelmed during the home buying or selling process, I lend a listening ear and a clam voice of reason to answer questions and move the transaction forward one step at a time. At its core, Real Estate is about helping people and that was ultimately what I wanted to do when I grew up. My career as a Real Estate agent is evidence that both childhood and home buying dreams come true.